Welcome to my blog! I'm Lily, and I love all things food and San Francisco. I blog about recipes, restaurants, and my life in the city. I'm also really into decor, so I throw in some  apartment posts sometimes :) Hope you like it! 


A Delicious Thanksgiving

I always surprise myself with how much I can actually eat in one sitting. This year's Thanksgiving feast was no different.


Spiced Apple Smoothie Recipe

The perfect smoothie for the holidays (when it's not too cold outside!) It's easy and super addictive. Let me know what you think!


From neighborhood joints to fancy affairs, I have humble opinions on every restaurant I go to. If you want to make a restaurant recommendation, feel free to email me!

Despite living a low-key life, I LOVE exploring San Francisco. This place never runs out of amazing new activities and hidden gems. That's why I'm obsessed with it.

I'm really passionate about making my apartment feel like a home, aka I spend lots of time and money on decor! This is where you can keep up with my latest purchases :)

These days I'm obsessed with cooking. I love finding new tricks to make every meal more delicious without slaving away in the kitchen. I usually stick to under 20 mins of prep.

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