18 Hours in Yountville

My step mom wanted to treat my sisters and I to a short trip to Yountville which was so sweet! One of my sisters was in Tahoe so it was just four of us total. We had a blast even if it was just for a short time.

I didn't participate in the wine train situation because I drove up separately just in time for dinner (was working from home earlier that day). We went to a very shmancy restaurant called Hurley's which was SO delicious. It's expensive and has a classic white table cloth vibe which usually isn't my favorite, but I'm down as long as the food is good. Like that great blogger I am, I forgot to take pictures... I got the short ribs with buttery fettucine pasta and broccolli raab. I couldn't finish it all so I got it to-go, then forgot to take the box when we left. Ha. #toomuchchampagne


I wanted to go to Bouchon for breakfast, but there were 0 reservations for literally weeks in advance, so we went to Lucy which is in Bardessono, a really nice hotel and spa. We're huge fans of chilaquiles since we get THE BEST at our favorite hotel in Mexico, so we were happy to see them on the menu. Michelle has very high chilaquiles standards (self proclaimed!) but she loved these, and we all did too. I also got the smoked salmon eggs benny which was delicious. One of my sister's who was with us is vegan, and she wasn't happy with the options she had to choose from, so if you're vegan this isn't the place for you! 

We stayed at an open concept hotel that was okay, but not the best. Someone broke into my car and we also think that someone went on Michelle's (my step mom) laptop and ordered a $200 Saks gift card when we were at dinner... Very odd. Not going to list there name here because I don't recommend them. 

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