Women's March in SF

I'm so lucky to live in a community of men and women who share my same views of equality! 

I become so depressed when thinking about Trump and everything he entails, so walking a few blocks with people who believe in inclusivity and acceptance made me feel so much better about the current political situation. I know it's ironic since technically this was a protest against something, but I think in this one case it makes sense :)

Typically I'm not a fan of protests because I don't see how they help change the outcome of whatever conversation they're a part of, but being at the Women's March was the first time I really felt the benefits of it. 

I 'marched' with my roommate and then we met up with my step mom and step sister for dinner at the Ferry Building. After that, we met up with my other step sister and her friends and went dancing. We all had so much fun together and really felt the power of sisterhood. Typing that kind've makes me want to cringe because it's so sappy, but it's really how I felt.

This was truly a day I'll remember forever!

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