Classic American Lunch With a Local Twist at TAP(415)


I'm so excited about this new contemporary American restaurant/modern beer garden, TAP(415). It's "Under the Dome" at the Westfield Centre Downtown, and has an open concept aka great people watching situation. 

The menu features burgers and sandwiches on house baked bread, homemade everything (like ice cream and pressed juices), and most importantly, adult milkshakes. They pride themselves on making classic American dishes with a twist from a local, sustainable perspective. Everything I tried was delicious and perfect for a health conscious yet indulgent weekday lunch. 

TAP(415) is definitely one of my new favorites. Be sure to try the Tuna Melt, I assure you, this is unlike any Tuna Melt you've ever had! 


Thank you TAP(415) for having me.