Saturday Breakfast in Bed

In my opinion, weekends are all about treating yourself.

It's SO worth putting a little extra effort into your weekend breakfast because, lets face it, breakfast in bed while watching a movie is amazing. Add some rain along with cuddles from my dog Milo, and I'm a very, very happy girl.

Here's what my ideal breakfast in bed looks like: 

Let's start with the food. 

Eggs: I watched a life changing video by Gordon Ramsay that demonstrates how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. It's crazy how this method works SO well. I heard Chrissy Teigen makes them this way too, so obviously a must try! FYI, I add extra pecorino cheese and some hot sauce to mine. 

Toast: First off, I only like hawaiian bread or fresh loaves like from The Mill (I know, I'm picky!) My favorite way to make toast is to ditch the toaster and fry it up in a skillet with butter. It makes such a difference. I used the most AMAZING jam ever which was one of my best purchases in Singapore. It's called Pandan Jam and has the best coconut flavor mixed with pandan leaf extract. 


Sausage: I buy the ground spicy pork and fry it up with a little garlic powder and a dash of soy sauce. Add a very small drizzle of honey if you want to balance the flavors. The sweet, fat, and spicy come together so well!

Lemon Blueberry water: Add lemon slices and frozen blueberries to ice water, and enjoy! Make it into lemonade by squeezing in two tablespoons of lemon juice :)

Homemade Mocha: I use Illy coffee in my french press, then add Ghirardelli powdered cacao, a dash of sugar, and top it off with vanilla soy milk. Drink with a straw so you don't stain your teeth!

Hope you enjoyed this post because let me tell you, I REALLY enjoyed eating it! Haha. 


 Milo was fascinated by the rain outside :) 

Milo was fascinated by the rain outside :) 

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