Homemade: Purity Organic Acai Bowl Goodness. #I'mAddicted


Since I've spent upwards of $70 on acai bowls in the past month (at a staggering $8-15 per) I finally decided to hone my blending skills and develop this fool-proof recipe. The Purity Organic Beet Apple Ginger Lemon Superjuice is my secret to making a super delicious, slightly sweet, and completely addictive acai bowl. The entire thing costs around $5, and is totally worth every second of work! 

What you'll need

2 tbsp of Beet Apple Ginger Lemon Purity Organic Superjuice 
3-4 ripe bananas (preferably cut and frozen)
2 cups of strawberries (also cut and frozen)
1 packet of frozen acai pulp
toppings: granola, banana, blueberries, and anything else you want (I added kiwi this time)
A food processor 


1. Cut up ripe bananas and strawberries into small pieces and freeze overnight 
2. Put the bananas, strawberries, and defrosted acai pulp into the food processor
3. Pulse until all the fruit is blended, adding the Purity Organic Superjuice as needed
4. Layer into a bowl with your toppings and enjoy! 

Let me know what you think of the recipe in the comments below. This post was made in collaboration with Purity Organic.