Cashew Mylk Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Not like this is news to anyone, but I've been obsessed with chia seed pudding recently. It has fat, carbs, and a ton of amazing nutrients. To make it, you just dump the seeds into whatever liquid you want it to soak in, and if you get the ratio right, it gets an amazing pudding-like consistency. I love to use almond milk, but any store bought brands (Whole Foods included) process the flavor out of it, so it's crucial to find a quality brand you love. If you've never tried real nut milk, you're seriously missing out! 

I'm using Project Juice's "Cashew Mylk" because it's completely unprocessed whatsoever so it tastes unreal, and it has raw agave, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. so I don't have to add them myself! (#notsponsored)

Here's the recipe: 

1 bottle Project Juice Cashew Mylk
2/3 cup black chia seeds
+ any toppings you want to add, I suggest nuts, coconut, dates, jam, etc

chia pudding.jpg

Step One: Combine the milk and seeds in a glass jar. Mixing with a spoon until it's thick enough so the seeds don't settle at the bottom. 

Step Two: Refrigerate over night (or at least 30 mins)

Step Three: Enjoy! I like to make chia parfaits and make layers of the toppings