Kitchit: my new favorite restaurant is my apartment


Having just moved into a tiny apartment I thought entertaining would be impossible, but I just tried Kitchit Tonight for the first time and it totally proved me wrong. It's more than just a chef on wheels, it's a dinner party in itself, and my friends and I had a blast! 

After scheduling my preferred date, time, and menu through their website I started to put together the actual setup. Because I decided to go with the "California Comfort" menu I went with a cool color scheme that I'm really comfortable with: gold and baby blue with white flowers. I sent out the invite to my friends and got a really great group together who I know loves food as much as I do. 

I wasn't sure what to expect on the day of, but from start to finish I was constantly being pleasantly surprised with the quality of our chef, the food, and experience as a whole. The chef arrived 5 minutes early with two big bags, and he immediately got to work. We actually chatted for the first half hour before my guests started to arrive because we randomly had a lot in common! 

After my guests arrived we started catching up over perfect, warm bread and herb butter (and wine, of course). We then seamlessly transitioned through each course, starting with a beet salad, then a chicken and mushroom entree, then beignets with gelato. Each dish was more sophisticated than I would ever have expected, and my guests and I were truly baffled! By the end of our meal we were perfectly satisfied and discussing who's house we we're going to have a Kitchit dinner party at next!

Unfortunately it's only available in San Francisco as of now, so I'll have to treat my NY friends when they visit. If you try it out (which I highly recommend), use the hashtag #kitchit so I can see your posts and we can rave about our experiences together!

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p.s. Thank you Kitchit for sponsoring the meal!