coffee, work, run, sleep, repeat.

Just thought I'd take a moment to write down some random things about my life that I feel like sharing. 

Taken at The Interval Cafe in Fort Mason.

I recently started the transitioning into a sales and marketing agency. It's conveniently located on my floor at the office that I've worked at for the past 7 or 8 months. They're doing great work and growing quickly, so it's an amazing opportunity to learn from their team and put the skills I've gained working for myself to work in a larger setting. They wake up very early (the majority of the company is in Boston) and they work extremely hard. I'm totally in love with it, and subsequently I'm in love with coffee.


I've been running as much as I can, and I'm getting better at it. A few months ago I pledged to add additional cardio to my SoulCycle workouts either before or after, so on Monday nights I now take the bus home, change, and run back to SOMA for my 7:30 class. It's two miles with a vertical decline of about 200 ft, and takes me a little under 20 minutes (5 minutes faster than when I started).

No matter where or when I'm running, I always listen to the same diplo mix. I really don't like short, individual songs, probably because whenever I'm listening it's for an extended period of time whether I'm at work, in transit, or working out. As many people know, DJARVEE is my absolute favorite. I listen to him about 70% of the time I'm listening to music. We've been emailing back and forth for a while now and I'm trying to get him out here soon. He's beyond talented! Quick shoutout to this

Photo taken at Lazy Bear in the Mission.

Shopping. Something I've had "trouble" with in the past. A few months ago I realized that the more money I make, the less I spend (proportionally), which I don't fully understand but I'm very, very thankful for. Here's a pic of my recent purchases. A lot of chicas on Instagram inquired about my outfit, so here it goes: 

top – re:named, about $60
pants – Banana Republic, about $50 (on sale)
shoes – Forever 21, $30

I found a new house cleaner which I'm really happy about. If anyone who lives in SF proper needs one, leave a comment below. I've lost faith in on-demand services (Handy, I'm looking at you). Traditional cleaners are cheaper, better, and arguably easier to deal with than the alternative.

That's it for now! I think I should write posts like these more often.  


Lily Kaplan