My Mom's Birthday: At the AMAZING Farallon


I've never really known what to do for my mom's birthday, but this year was one for the books.

Since she's lived here well past I was born it's hard to find something she hasn't already done, so I looked to a San Francisco classic – Farallon, to hopefully relive some old memories and make new ones.

We met at Dry Bar, where I brought her flowers and one of my favorite wines, Clif Family Winery Grenache (Yes, that Clif). After our pampering we made our way downtown to Farallon, where we've been once before many many years ago. I don't think either of us were expecting such an incredible experience in every way possible. The food was fresh, complex, and classic, but with a slight (and very SF) contemporary twist.

My favorite dish was the crispy, soft, and chewy paella. It highlighted both sea and land, with freshly grilled seafood as well as smoked rabbit for a truly unique flavor. Each course was accompanied by a glass of the Wine Director, Luke Kenning's, choice – even dessert. Him and Executive Chef Jason Ryczek have created a perfectly complementary menu and wine selection. 

Two and a half hours later, my mom and I couldn't stop raving about each dish, wine, and design element in the place. We left happy, full, and with a rock star hairdo to last us the next day or so.