Slow Cooker Crack Chicken

We came across a "Crack Chicken" recipe at work and everyone quickly realized this was the most delicious idea ever, so we all made it. I think we've had three people bring it in for lunch at this point. It's amazing!

Basically "crack" means the combination of ranch and cream cheese, aka, what's not to love. It's the easiest recipe ever. I tweaked the one we sent around to have hot sauce, because my coworker suggested it!


2 chicken breasts
2 8oz blocks of cream cheese
2 packets Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning & dry mix (disclaimer: I work at Hidden Valley... haha)
1/2 cup hot sauce, I used Frank's



  1. Dump everything in your slow cooker
  2. Set to low for at least 8 hours, high for at least 4 hours (I do 10 hours on low)
  3. Mix everything together (it'll look scary and separated, see above, but keep shredding!)
  4. I eat mine on Hawaiian bread rolls w/ jalapeños and then pack the rest away for work lunches
  5. Enjoy!
RecipeLily Kaplan