Central Kitchen's "let the kitchen decide" menu

I went to Central Kitchen for Christmas Eve with my mom this year! We usually go to Roka Akor for holidays b we switched it up and decided on one of our other favorites. 

We chose the prix fix option which includes four courses for $65, along with a $45 wine pairing. 

Each dish was delicious, as expected, and totally unique. It's truly such a standout restaurant, and getting the "tester" menu is a great option to experience the best of what they have to offer. We were absolutely, 100% filled to the brim with food by the end that it was honestly so hard to even squeeze one bite of desert in. It's A LOT of food and everything is incredible, so definitely worth the $65. 

I didn't write down what each course consisted of (bad food blogger award goes to me) but feast your eyes on the pics!