The Best Popcorn Ever

Ever since I started working at Hidden Valley Ranch I've been obsessed with our seasoning. I'm like a walking, talking ad for it because I love it so much. 

My favorite thing to put it on is popcorn. It's seriously SO good I can never make just one batch during a movie night. Trust me on this one! 


You basically just make popcorn the same way you typically do, then powder on the ranch evenly. For 4 cups of popcorn I typically use half of one seasoning packet. It doesn't always stick (especially if you wait until the popcorn cools down) so I sometimes spray on olive oil in between dustings!

Another way that people like to make it is by pre combining the ranch mix with some olive oil so it thickens up and then you can pour it over the popcorn. I'm a fan of it but I just find my way tastier and more evenly spread.

RecipeLily Kaplan