Easy Asian-Inspired Food Delivery: Meet Bento

I just tried Bento, the new lunch and dinner delivery service that's doing things a little differently than the competition. Instead of simply delivering a restaurant's food, Bento let's you create your own bento box with main and side dishes made that day. It's also virtually the only asian-inspired made-to-order delivery service.

I made mine with pulled pork (duh), two fried pork belly sides (double duh), grilled zucchini, and salmon nigiri. It exceeded my expectations. I was a little skeptical because the food doesn't come from a restaurant, but their site has a photo of it and a smiling chef, so I'm satisfied. 

Use the code EATSF for $5 off your first order! It's worth a try. 


  • Mine was $18 after tax, more than some people want to spend on an at-home dinner
  • Can't pre-order
  • Only delivers to FiDi & SOMA for lunch (everywhere in SF for dinner)
  • Lack of BBQ sauce on my pulled pork (but I'm a bbq sauce addict... soo)


  • Delivered immediately
  • Free delivery
  • Delicious food
  • Array of choices (from brussels sprouts to sushi)
  • Fresh
  • Instagram-worthy
  • Filling – definitely enough food
  • Sourced responsibly
  • no MSG
  • Drivers are employees

This post was created in collaboration with Bento. Everything in this article is written from my unique point of view and reflects my true opinions.  

Service, AsianLily Kaplan