#ThirstyThursday: Local + Raw Coconut Almond Milk


I recently discovered Milkman SF, which makes some of the best unpasteurized almond milk I've ever tried. The rich combination of coconut water, almonds, sea salt, and vanilla are such a treat in the morning! I pour it over home made granola (recipe idea...?) but it's also ridiculous alone - I savor every sip. Troy, the owner, tries to deliver each bottle by hand if you order through the site which is refreshingly personal in this service app-obsessed city.

I like the 32oz bottle because it lasts me two to three mornings, which is perfect because after 3 days it's less flavorful and nutrient dense. Email info@milkmansf.com to order and check out their delivery packages here!

Thirsty ThursdayLily Kaplan