b. Patisserie

If God made a bakery it would be called b. Patisserie and it would be located at 2821 California St. at Divisadero in Pac Heights. Forget calories, forget carbs, forget the diet you’ve convinced yourself you’re on, because once you step foot inside B. Patisserie all will power is lost.

The sign of an outstanding restaurant is when almost every menu item pleases almost every customer. This is achieved by the chef having mastered each ingredient and therefore presenting a flawless dish that everyone can appreciate, despite previously not liking the ingredients. b. Patisserie does exactly that. I’ve tried around 6 items during my three visits so far, and have yet to find one that I don’t love.

As if this isn’t reason enough to come here, the service and decor only enhance an already amazing experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff are quick to help you pick out treats, while the expert bakers led by Head Pastry Chef Belinda Leong are working hard behind the counter in the open kitchen-style bakery. The marble countertops and light yellow accents are reminiscent of Patisseries in Paris. 

Rather than explaining each item I’ve tried, I’ll just list them because they’re all worth ordering. Kouign Amann Nature ($4), Kouign Amann Seasonal (Jelly, $4.50) Quiche (unknown amount), 10 Hour Apple Tart ($6.50), Sugar Brioche Tart ($3.45), Gluten Free Almond Cake ($4).  

Do yourself a favor and try this place, it’s beyond amazing.